Naming Consultations

As an extension of Ask Lola’s usual problem-solving, I offer a competitively priced name consultancy service: full, private correspondence via email and advice on whatever you need, for as long as it takes to find the perfect name for your child. If you would like to have my blog readers weigh in, something which would provide a wide range of perspectives on possible options, I can also post your questions up on the blog for no extra cost. I am efficient and well versed in what’s currently hot in both the UK and the US (whether current hotness is something you wish to embrace or avoid), and speak varying amounts of French, German and Spanish, so can hopefully weigh in without too much pronunciation guidance on naming in any of those languages.

You may be wondering:

  • How a name will be perceived.
  • Whether popularity is important.
  • How to create a cohesive ‘sibset’.
  • If a combination has good flow (sounds good).
  • How to reach a compromise with your partner.
  • Whether you should use a name that a friend has also used.
  • How to honour a relative who has a very dated name.

The cost of this service is £50 (around $82.50); similar offerings are available elsewhere for $195. I can also provide a one-off consultation for £10 (a single response containing the advice/suggestions you’re looking for). Payments can be made via Paypal. Please send enquiries to


§ 3 Responses to Naming Consultations

  • Michaela says:

    Hi, my name is Michaela. My husband Richard and I are expecting our second – what would you name Milo’s sister?

    • Welcome, Michaela!
      Milo is a great choice, classic with an edge. It’s difficult to pinpoint your exact style based only on one name, but I think there are several avenues you could go down with Milo:

      Simple vintage – a name which would have been at home below stairs in the Edwardian era; Milo and Nora or Flora, for example, or Milo and Lucy or June.

      Vintage – it’s not uncommon for girls’ names to be a little more flamboyant than their brothers’, and I think Milo and Evangeline would be a fabulous match. There’s Aurora, Patience, Violet and Verity, too, or Charlotte and Harriet for a more classic edge. If you’re feeling ahead of the curve, a very musty vintage choice could even work – Milo and Agnes or Agatha.

      Modern bohemian – perhaps your taste is for newer names? I wouldn’t go yooneek or tryndeigh, but Milo could definitely have a sister with one of the words more recently transferred into names – Milo and Lark or Fable sound like storybook perfection.

      You’re fortunate, Milo could fit into so many brackets! Do any of these take your fancy? Feel free to drop me an email,

    • Can’t believe I forgot – my first thought was Milo and Rose! They sound fantastic together. Would having two Ms and two Rs in the family bother you? Possibly something to avoid if you’re planning on having more children.


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