Eye on the Prize

So often I/you/many of my friends love an accessory or outfit, but it’s a bit too expensive. Why not wait until the sale? In these days of internet shopping, it should be easy to grab it while it’s reduced. But too often the email alerting you to the sale comes, and promptly gets hijacked by your spam filter, the skirt you loved has already gone, or any manner of other pesky real life annoyances.

Ask Lola is happy to offer a free public service, known here as Eye on the Prize. In all my trawling of the internet, I haven’t managed to find anything quite like this (and please, let me know if you have!) – just leave a comment or email me at AskLolaBlumenthal@gmail.com, detailing the exact item (name, brand, colour, size) you love, and I’ll update you when it goes on sale or becomes low stock.


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