Window shopping

August 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

My new obsession infatuation is Yeah, I know, hardly revolutionary – the high end fashion boutique was launched way way back in the mists of time (2006). But I just recently signed up to their email newsletter, and boy are they good – each one has contained some totally delicious little gem that I want right now.

Whiskey Parley Chelsea Zip Ankle Boot, £168, Sam Edelman at

‘Coveting’ is the word I’d choose for how I feel about these boots. They’re the Whiskey Parley Chelsea Zip Ankle Boot by Sam Edelman, and I’m super-pleased because whiskey is also the word I chose to describe their colour before I even looked at the name. Woo, go me! Perhaps it’s a sign I should own them?

The catch is that they’re £168. The even bigger catch is that that’s a really reasonable price compared to most of the designer pieces of wearable art sold on the site. So yes, my addiction might pose a problem in the future.

I’m not going to get the boots; it’s unjustifiable, as I already own a pair of Chelsea boots. Actually, I already own an old pair of real riding boots because I’m a cheapskate, but still … I’m not going to get them. You should.

Olive Casual Parka, £338, YMC at

The company’s most recent email suggests YMC’s new season Olive Casual Parka as an accompaniment, and the colour combination is actually divine. £338 is a lot to drop on a coat to match your also-quite-expensive shoes, though, so how about an alternative? Campbell Cooper have one of those traditionally British wax jackets in olive green, and it’s only £35 – perfect. Believe me, you’ll get used to the smell; I find it quite endearing.

Friday Rubens Print Dress, £508, Vivienne Westwood at

I’d trade my gas and electricity for this dress, too. No seriously, I’m actually considering doing that. Slightly dishevelled, but with a Rubens print for intellectual appeal; it’d look great with her leather jacket. And it’s Vivienne Westwood, which is enough in itself, to be honest. Love her so much.

Go on – what are you drooling over this season that’s out of your price range? Let’s console each other.


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