Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree

August 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Andrews Sisters

I re-watched The Chronicles of Narnia recently, and that brilliant hide-and-seek scene had me Youtube-ing ‘Oh Johnny Oh’. Which, of course, had me obsessing over noticing the revival potential in all those friendly nicknames.

My money’s on Glenn to rise once Finn and Flynn are tired out. Do you have any favourites from this era? Any great ones I missed?



Grace “Gracie” (Fields)

Helen (Forrest)

Jo (Stafford)

Liese-Lotte “Lale” (Andersen) – LEE-za-lott-a

Martha (Tilton)

Maxene (The Andrews Sisters)

Patricia “Patty” (The Andrews Sisters) – potential as a nickname for Patience, instead

Peggy (Lee)

Vera (Lynn)



Bernie (Mackey, The Ink Spots)

Bill (Kenny, The Ink Spots)

Bud (Flanagan)

Charlie (Fuqua, The Ink Spots)

Donald (The Mills Brothers)

Edward “Duke” (Ellington)

George (Formby)

Glenn (Miller)

Harry (The Mills Brothers, and “Bing” Crosby)

Herbert (The Mills Brothers)

James “Jimmy” (Dorsey)

John (The Mills Brothers, and “Johnny” Mercer)

Louis (Armstrong)

Noel (Coward)

Orville “Hoppy” (Jones, The Ink Spots)

Samuel “Sammy” (Kaye)

Thomas “Tommy” (Dorsey)

Vaughn (Monroe)


Will these make it back? –

LaVerne (The Andrews Sisters)


Chesney (Allen)

Jerry (Daniels, The Ink Spots)

Ivory “Deek” (Watson, The Ink Spots)

Lindley “Spike” (Jones) – can see some parents grabbing this for their daughters.


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