Pencils and Whatnot (Ask Lola) Is Back

July 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m back and excited to be posting again, on an all-round much more organised site. A word on the categories at the side – I’d love to have tabs at the top of the page that you could rifle through, like the Pioneer Woman or Design Mom, but to do that I’d need my own site (not one run on WordPress). So for now, we have the Categories System. To allow you to find the advice most relevant to you, queries and other posts have been sorted into six main sections:

1) About Ask Lola  – updates on how the site works and other important announcements go here, as well as my weekly editor updates which let you know all the things I’ve been loving and answering over the past seven days.

2) Culture – movie, book, theatre, exhibition and artist reviews and recommendations can be found here.

3) Design – comments on everything from advertising to interiors and clothes.

4) Food – recipes, as well as information on newly discovered shops and brands.

5) Miscellaneous – as of the moment, I’ve received the most questions about culture, design, food and naming, so those are the categories I’ve created. Anything else will go in here, but of course if I begin to get a large volume of questions on another topic, it’ll probably get its own major section.

6) Naming – themed inspiration and the answers to your questions, including those posed via a Name Consultation (see the Naming Consultations page over to your left for more information).

Sub-categories will let you narrow the field further.

Possibly more excitingly, there’s a whole new feature! Over there <—— you’ll see a page named Eye on the Prize. Love an outfit, but it’s too expensive? Ask Lola will follow it for you, and send you an update as soon as it goes on sale or your size becomes low in stock – for FREE. For that and the usual advice service, email


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