Last minute Father’s Day inspiration

June 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you celebrate Father’s Day, I’m sure you – like me – have the best of intentions every year. But life catches us up and whips us about and the next thing you know it’s Friday evening and you don’t have a present. Don’t panic – a looming deadline does wonders for creativity, at least if you’re not trying to write a world-altering novel.

Here at Pencils and Whatnot, we present you with a run-down of last minute gifts to suit all dads:

Hotel Chocolat chocolates – any posh choccies will do, really, but Hotel Chocolat will still deliver orders tomorrow if they’re made before 5pm today (which gives you about half an hour). They’ve also got a whole section of their website made with fathers in mind, and while their products are pricey, they’re also fantastic quality. If you don’t want to go for the £85 Chocolatier’s Table Lux, try the much more purse-friendly whisky truffles or a good slab of dark Venezuelan chocolate and team with a bottle of wine.

Do some cooking – it would be easy to make him lunch or bake a great pudding; brownies are an easy classic and here‘s a traditional dad-favourite.

Make him something – exactly what depends on quite how much sentimentality your dad can take, but a framed photograph is always appreciated – if you take the original to a specialist store you can often get same-day service, or you could grab some photography paper and print one out yourself, at home. Even old photos can be scanned into the computer, so call your mum for a childhood picture of dad and the kids. If you’re artistic, you could even paint from an original.

For grandfathers – if you’ve got children of your own, I’m sure he’d appreciate some of their artwork. Buy a small photo album and get them to spend the morning drawing (a great touch would be to get them to draw granddad from memory, or write a short poem about him). You could even get them to sing a song about grandfathers – if you’re a country fan (as I am), Grandpa will appeal, and Clive Dun’s Grandad is both deliciously nostalgic and – unintentionally – a little funny.

BrunchGiraffe, amongst other places, are advertising special Father’s Day brunches. From great classics – eggs, bacon, sausages and beans – to Mexican and South American variations (Giraffe’s forte), they do great quality food at reasonable prices in friendly atmosphere, and have restaurants all over the UK. They’re also doing two £5 cocktails from noon onwards in honour of the special day, although if you’re dad’s anything like mine (i.e. born and raised in a Northern mining town), he probably thinks cocktails are a bit girly.

Your time – gone are the days when many people lived all their lives in the town they were born in, and chances are you may not even see your dad every week, let alone bump into him at the market. Go and visit him. Take him for a pub lunch, go for a walk, rent an old film. If you’re too far away, phone or Skype him, and give him your full attention. No sending work emails, no preparing dinner, no trying to keep the children occupied at the same time (they can spend quality time with their own dad). Fathers don’t often show it, especially not British ones born over half a century ago, but they’re fantastically pleased to have children and a card in the post is never going to be a good substitute for actually speaking to you.

How are you going to celebrate?


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