A Fashionable Tip

June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Collar tips are about to have a moment. “What?” I hear you cry. “Something that serves no clear purpose? Now, in our Most Dreadful economic climate? Surely not?” Fashion, my friends, cares not about such trivial matters.

In fact, the collar tip is perfect for right now. A little bit (or a lot) country in an ironic indie sort of way, it’s also a little bit mod, and that reference to the early 60s brings with it the mood of a world in the midst of change – swap racial equality movements for Arab revolutions, and feel like you’re part of something big.

It would make sense to mix eras up a little, and wear your collar adornments with brothel creepers for a Teddy Boy feel, or winklepickers, a la the modernist movement that brought about the mods. But if you like your looks less themed, adding collar tips to an ordinary white shirt and coupling with a work suit for a day at the office, or skinny jeans and pumps for a more casual setting, gives the look a nod in an exciting, subtly subversive kind of way. I’m an especially big fan of the suit idea – what better way to say ‘Right now I might be your average office-worker, but you can’t make me conform Mr Bossman.’ Love a good bit of everyday rebellion.

The Balenciaga version

If you don’t want to shell out for the above Balenciaga originals, who’s stunning and simple contemporary lines are endlessly appropriate given the mod title, but which also cost £185 from Browns Fashion, there are multiple options available:

ASOS, available in Europe and the US, have four versions, all £10, from clean, angular styles (great paired with a denim shirt, as they here) to winged pairs with a more distinctly Western feel (in which case the denim shirt might be overdoing it a tad). They also do a £30 ready-tipped shirt, if you aren’t so concerned about you collar tips’ versatility.

ASOS, £10

A flowered version is also available at Dawanda, which you’ll come to realise is one of my favourite websites. Similar to Etsy, but with a more Europe/world-wide feel, as opposed to an Anglophone focus, I’ve purchased from there several times and the service has been prompt and reliable. These collar tips are only 4.50 euros (around £3.50 or $6.50) plus 2.50 postage to Europe, or 3 euros to elsewhere. The feminine floral aspect would soften a unisex shirt and trousers combination perfectly.

To go the whole boots-with-spurs hog and cultivate a look suitable for your honkytonk bar of choice, take a look at the more traditional versions available from sites such as this one (I’m sure you have your own places over in the US).

A band named Big Country

Alternatively, if your fingers are tingling with creative energy, you could make your own – you will, however, need to be the kind of person who has random DIY paraphernalia hanging around their house. Or the kind of person who could steal said paraphernalia from their boyfriend’s flat/super-organised friend/dad’s shed. The HonestlyWTF blog have a fantastic tutorial up (actually, they’re brilliant in general – check out their DIY turban).

Topshop and Urban Outfitters are yet to get in on the act, folks – it’s time to be ahead of the curve, and be a Dedicated Follower of Fashion.


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