Itunes Festival 2011

June 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Duran Duran are playing; sadly they no longer look like this.

Applications for tickets to the Itunes Festival 2011 are open right now (actually, they have been for a couple of days). If you’re anywhere near London – specifically the Camden Roundhouse – at any time in July, I recommend applying. Tickets are free, and you can win up to a pair per day, so what’s not to like? Live music near the comfort of your own home/hotel, Itunes claim to have over 60 artists lined up, although as of today only 29 had been announced. Three workshop-style sessions are also advertised, including a ukulele one likely to draw the indie kids in droves.

Don’t be put off by the Roundhouse’s more shabby than chic exterior – it’s a great venue inside. Artists range from the not-quite-Gaga Jessie J, through boy band of the moment The Wanted, right to the brilliant and soulful Adele, so there’s something for every style:substance ratio preference – I shan’t judge you. Whether it’s calm Noah and the Whale or less calm Linkin Park, you might as well apply for anything you sort of like. The atmosphere, the excitement – while the music can rightly make the gig, free fun is free fun.

Except for heavy metal, because half-hearted moshing probably doesn’t work so well.


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